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Uber launches food delivery service in Spain

Uber logoToday, Uber announced that will be running an on-demand food delivery in Barcelona, being this the second city in the world, after Los Angeles, and the first city in Europe to have this service.

I had the opportunity to use Uber 3 times in Madrid before it were forced to close down due to the old-style Taxi lobby pressure, and I have to say it was fantastic. Great service, great fares and the feeling that you’re in control, in opposite to being ripped off with abusive fares, bad service and smelly cars when using the “traditional” Taxi service in Madrid.

I really hope Madrid, and Spain in general, reconsiders their decision because it is not only a benefit for customers, but a benefit for the whole economy that could piggyback on Uber success and future services (like food delivery in this case).

Meanwhile, if you are in a more reasonable country/city, you can use my Uber promotional code UBERGRATIS4U to get your first ride free (up to £10/€10/$10). Enter it in the mobile app, or signup here. Enjoy!

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