Backend and frontend software developer.
Java. Ruby on Rails. Javascript.
Living in London-UK.


I was trying to learn a new language in my spare time because I was a bit tired of my everyday-job working with Java so I chose Ruby on Rails and quickly I started a website where my new knowledge could be shown.
It's a kind of social network for venues and events, developed completely with Ruby on Rails, multilanguage and making use of several public APIs like Google Maps or Flickr.
It's running on mongrel and nginx servers.

About DinHD

DinHD stands for "Dynamic Hard Drive" and it's a Java network application I developed at the end of my Computer Applications Development Degree in 2003 with the success of being awarded in the "Sixteenth edition of the Don Bosco National Award", held in Zaragoza (Spain) in March 2003.
It's a client-server application with a Java AWT GUI (Graphical User Interface) for both the client and the server, doing file system operations and working with network sockets.
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I've just finished working for an important cloud-based file sharing and collaboration company located in central London (UK), and now I will be taking contract work for a while.

If you're interested in, you can ask me for an updated C.V. or take a look at my skill set.
If you are a recruitment agency please DO NOT add my personal details to any database without my agreement.

You can drop me some lines: jesus.laiz (at)