Use your whole network as a giant hard disk

DinHD Java application

The objective of this application is to provide a distributed storage with the use of the different computers that compose a local network. From each of these computers there is a determined amount of hard disk space to be "captured", which together with the other computers will result in a huge hard disk to store your data.

The architecture is a client-server one. For each computer we wish to use as a hard drive we will install clients, and from a master computer we will use the server. From this computer the data will be sent to the different clients and we will be able to read this data too.
The data is distributed with balancing while at the same time it implements safety and privacy mechanisms.

If you're interested in this software, I can provide you with the Java Jar files for the client and the server but currently this project isn't open source. I have loads of technical and non-technical information about the project but unfortunately it's all written in spanish but I will try to translate the most important things over the next few weeks.
You can view a presentation explaining the basics of the application (spanish)

Some screenshots of the client and server running on MacOS X: